Correcting a Dysfunctional Democracy with Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life:Day 254 (Part 3-3)

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I opened up the current “Problem” with Democracy today and how it is not really real Democracy in terms of acting as a platform for the voices of the people to actually be herd and then also laid out the “Solution” that will take place in Equal Money Capitalism to ensure a government that is actually operating in the best interest of the people. In this blog I am going to look at some examples of the types kinds of rewards that will flow from the correction of the democratic process within equal money capitalism.
Individual Rewards
On an individual level people will be more engaged in their own lives as a whole, meaning where before where you had everything just taken care of automatically where you really did not have a say in how this was done, where now you are actually able to contribute to ALL aspects of your life and living from the perspective of having an effective system in place where an individual is able to have there voice herd within democratic process, where now it is the will of the corporations that is considered and nothing else. Thus this will result in a more enriching life as one now is more engaged with their total Life.
Secondly on an individual level you will have a much informed individual about what is going on politically as this will become a much more integrated part of society and not some specialized language that only politicians speak, and so this will actually empower in terms of Self Confidence as now you will no more have individuals feeling like out-casts and wanting to shun the system.

Group Rewards
One the whole you will have much more informed government in terms of the actual needs and necessities that require specific direction because the Democratic System will no longer be cutting off the input from millions of people like it does now. Thus the Specificity of specific problems or requirements that need to be met will be to the utmost degree as now you have input coming in direct from the source of the people that are living in that area. Thus a much more Intricate input and output system will exist, where now you have only a few voices standing in for “the people” of various regions who have never “lived a day in their shoes” or who are for that matter even caring at all about the actual interests of the people as corporate interests are all that is important in todays “democratic system” thus with Equal Money Capitalism the ability for the government to actually do what it is supposed to do within providing its citizens with the necessary components to live a dignified life will actually become quite effective in doing this as it will in fact be considering into the equation the various different voices/perspectives of the people Directly and thus able to respond more precisely to the needs of the people.

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