Correcting A Dysfunctional Democracy with Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 252 (Part 2-3)

This is a continuation from part 1 of this series – Correcting A Dysfunctional Democracy with Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 251 (Part 1-3) where I explored some of the problems of our current “democratic” political system.

Constitutional Equality:
The fundamental point of Life on Earth within a democracy is going to be protected by a Constitution of what is Best for All. Any policy, law or rule must therefore be made within the framework of Constitutional Equality and be aligned to the Principle of What is Best for All. The Principle of What is Best for All implies several other Principles:

Honoring the Right to Life
Prevention is the Best Cure
Do Unto Another as You Would Like to Be Done Unto
Educating humanity within the principles of how to create a Life that is Best for ALL on Earth is of fundamental importance and necessity within Equal Money Capitalism. Therefore a well Educated populace will be the result with the Educative process essentially being reformed from early childhood development, to parenting, to adult education etc, with the focus of creating a highly effective populace through a more holistic approach to educating ourselves to so be able to create and manage a world/system that is best for all in and effective way where you have a general public that is equal in education and understanding and thus able to make informed decisions on government policy designed to produce a world that is best for all.
So here one of the Keys to an Effective well educated society in Equal Money Capitalism is actually introducing/bringing to the fore the principles related to living a sustainable harmonious life within the context of what is best for all, principles which at the moment are buried deep beneath layers and layers of pop consumer culture that result in a complete lack of awareness of ourselves and our relationships to the earth and how to in fact Live within the principles of Equality and What is best for all.
In EMC Democratic Process’s becomes more second nature and common understanding to society instead of it being like it is now as predominantly an afterthought or just some background conversation taking place on the TV that you just can’t ever seem to follow well enough, nor have the time to address.

Policy Education –
The implementation of any new law or policy will first go through a process of education to the public, to ensure effective understanding – as any laws and policies will have to be brought into being by everyone collectively. Within this, television will be used as the primary media to present educational information regarding the law/policy to be implemented in the form of documentaries and news broadcasting…
Will Everyone Be Required to Vote
Understand that, in terms of the points of apathy, not caring about or simply not wanting to vote (which are currently very common) – these attitudes are results from, and reactions towards the current economic and political system of inequality. Non-participation has become a way of expressing that one does not care about the current economic and political system, because this very system does not care about us either. However, in a system of harmony and equality, there is no valid reason for a person to not do their part in participating in the process of life on Earth.
So overall we see here the Democratic process in Equal Money Capitalism will be more all-inclusive empowering individuals to be able to participate in the democratic process in a substantial way.
I would also encourage you to read the entire section on “Politics” in Equal Money as there are many more practical examples and illustrations provided on how precisely the democratic process will function –

In part 3 I will take a look at the Rewards of an Effectively functioning Democracy within EMC.

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