Correcting A Dysfunctional Democracy with Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 251 (Part 1-3)

In this blog I am continuing with exploring the problems taking place in and as the current system of Capitalism and laying out how these such points would change within Equal Money Capitalism and the rewards that would flow them.


Dysfunctional Democracy.

Dictionary Definition:

a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority

b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

One of the problems that currently face our world is the “state” of the Democratic Electoral Process. The process by which the people elect their leaders/presidents ect particularly that which is done under the guise of “Democracy” which is implying a choice made by the people but that this is actually not happening on a number of levels.

Here is a video that lays out some of the various dysfuntions of our current “democracy”

One of the biggest problems I see of our current “Democratic Process” is that the individual members of society have really no way of informing themselves effectively enough to really understand the democratic processes at work to be able to make a well educated decision come election time. Its like “The People” who are apparently the ones deciding which government is in place simply do not have enough time to thoroughly research the ideas/principles/policies being presented by each potential candidate.

A problem here is that firstly government policy or the understanding of the necessary principles and process involved in creating an effective and harmonious central operating system is not something that is taught in schools for instance. The Very foundational principles of how to LIVE as an individual within the context of ensuring a practically effective life for oneself and others is NOT taught in school.

If this were a basic component of Childhood education than this would greatly facilitate the “Democratic Process” as now individuals would be able to easily pick-out when these principles associated with creating an effective living environment for all is being adhered to or not. So this first point is related to the basic education of the population about the governmental processes which take place both in early childhood education as well as later on in life where instead of having content being streamed through television and media that would produce a very well educated public extra-ordinary at making decisive decisions related to developing a highly functional living environment on planet earth, we have a media stream pumping messages of self interest, consumerism, competition, vanity and basically frivolous content that create a “mind” of the human that actually do not have the ability to make decisions for sustainable life on earth but rather has become possessed by self interest and consumerism and entertainment ultimately diminishing the individuals ability to understand the REAL VALUES of LIFE on Earth.

And obviously working 9 to 5 5 days week does not leave much room for the common citizen to actually do the research necessary to develop a sufficient understanding to make informed decisions about which political party they would vote for.

Not to mention the actual impossibility of really being able to get a strong grasp on ALL the parties involved in the election process where you have each party coming forward with essentially there own ideologies as various different themes, policy, principles, values, etc, each one coming up with there own version of how to run the planet so to speak. There is simply not enough time unless one literally study this point full-time. Though Democracy is still being proposed as a process that is actually taking place?

So here are some of the problems facing our current Democratic Process.

In my next blog I will continue with the Solution that will take place within Equal Money Capitalism to correct the Dysfunctions of Democracy and the political system at large that exist today.

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