Tracing The Origins of an Experience – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 249

Fraser River

I am continuing with the Self Commitment Statements on the Self Forgiveness walked in: The Instability of the Mind – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 245

I see/realize/understand that I have within my life existed in my mind and so have created worlds and realities in my mind that I am now possessed by and become possessed by where I get lost in these worlds believing that they are reality when in fact they are not reality from the perspective that they are not Here in and as the physical in real time, but are comprised of past memories, ideas, thoughts, pictures, feelings, emotions, experiences, desires, wants, fears, uncertainties, and all the various components of the mind that is existing in a holographic reality within and as my mind. And so I get lost in this Mind Reality as I have not yet within and as myself and my life discerned the difference between my mind reality and actual real physical reality and so still will lose myself in my mind.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to discern between my mind reality and my physical reality where I walk the point of stopping my mind realities and bringing myself to here in and as the physical within this Aligning myself with becoming/being/living as an expression of life that support other life, a point that I have not lived in my life, and thus can be seen in the extent of the abuse and pain and suffering that currently exit on planet earth, this showing us that that we have accepted and allowed ABUSE to be part of ourselves as our expression of life instead of Standing in and as Absolute Support at all times. And so I commit myself to investigate ‘Who I Am’ IN EVERY MOMENT, and identify when/how I allow the point of self/life abuse to come through within my expression, and thus to investigate how and what that abuse took place within my expression and assisting and supporting myself to correct that point within me through tracing back any and all points of self/life abuse through its development so that I can see how I have created such a point of ‘expression’ within me.

I also see that I require to look more specifically at points within myself and really push to go into the specifics of how I created each character/personality within myself because I see now that I am not in fact going through the entire “time-line” of how I created my personalities/characters, in following each and every thread back to its origin point that exist as that character and or personality, taking apart and understanding the events, experiences, beliefs, energies, excitements, thoughts, memories, interpretations, actions, behaviours, feelings, emotions existent within and as each thread that produce the end result of a character/personality that I exist as.

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