Effective Love Life in Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life Day 248 (Part 2-2)


In my last blog (part one of this blog) I initially explore the problem that we are currently facing within this world as our inability to form effective relationships, and how this is perpetuated through media/television/movies where the focus is all on finding “the one” and passionate love affairs or basically just giving us the Hollywood version of how a relationship is supposed to be that we have come to actually trust and attempt to Live out and thus have really fucked up our ability to form effective relationships with each other leading to a world of loneliness  misery, cheating, lying, and…….Dating sites! Comical interludes aside, the point here is that our media stream at the moment is not in fact supporting us as a humanity to actually educate and develop ourselves to live to our utmost potential. Nor is it practically supporting us to develop relationships from the perspective of Equality, from the perspective of Integrity, trust, stability etc. Instead we are taught through our current media stream to “follow your heart”….???? What the fuck does that mean!…Follow your heat…..oooooookkkkkkkk…so how do I do that again?
Excerpt from equalmoney.org 

“Media and News: Within an Equal Money System, the role of News and Media will be specific in terms of World Management rather than entertainment. The principles underlying News and Media will be based on how one can effectively co-exist on Earth.”

Though the above point references news and media the same underlying principle can be extended to “entertainment” as well, and thus encompass all of the following of TV/movies/media etc, And thus see within this that allowing gross misrepresentations of actual reality within the context of presenting on-screen relationships is not aligned with the underlying principles of Equal Money Capitalism which is to be based on how to effectively co-exist on Earth. Thus Tv/movies/media will be aligned with preparing and supporting ourselves to effectively co-exist and thus such concepts as “love” as how it is currently represented in tv land, and other harmful concepts like the point of “soulmate” will be removes and re-aligned so that it become practical in assisting and supporting individuals to in fact understand how to develop the best relationships possible. I mean we can still have cool entertainment movies and things like that, though the “need to escape reality” will no longer be there as the Goal of Equal Money Capitalism is to ACTUALLY create our environment/world as one that we actually enjoy living and expressing in. So from this perspective that entire aspect of the equation of “wanting to escape reality” will no more be feeding the entire point as well.
This point of re-aligning TV/Movies/Media and entertainment in Equal Money Capitalism in general is quite simple. It is a matter of creating content that actually Support ourselves as life/individuals to reach our optimum potential and living expression and right now the way movies/tv/media/entertainment is so fixated on its version of love/relationships is in fact abusive and harmful as it in no way teach individuals how to in fact establish fulfilling, respectful, expansive, SUSTAINABLE Relationships not only with another person but also with OURSELVES. And this brings me to my next point. EDUCTATION.

The Goal of Education in Equal Money Capitalism

Excerpt from equalmoney.org 

Education in an Equal Money System will prepare Each Human to become a Self-Aware, Responsible Part of the Human Race that lives a fulfilled and Extra Ordinary Life of Excellence, Happiness and fun. Equal Money will Ensure that every Citizen is Effectively Educated to Live in Harmony with Plants, Animals and the Environment in General.

So Education is obviously a big part of Equal Money Capitalism and what will occur is that Children will actually be taught from a young age how to establish effective relationships with one another, and not be instantly impulse with ideas/concepts/frequencies/songs/movies/words/pictures telling you that the only way to find true happiness is through finding your soul mate. Obviously that fuck up a Kids pretty quick, and get them “Hooked” onto Hollywood movies by the time their in their teens….Though Id say Disney is the gateway drug for locking individuals into the whole “searching for true love” thing. I mean am I seriously going to have slay a dragon to “get the girl” Is that really how relationships work?
So the point here is that we will have a total system actually aligned with developing human beings to establish cool relationships with one another.

If one is interested in getting started with learning about how to establish an effective relationship with YOURSELF First and then also eventually walk the point of doing this with another there is comprehensive material available at EQAFE.Com as well as within the DIP Pro and Lite course offered by Desteni.


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The Reward here is quite simple. Actually LIVE your “perfect relationship” instead of watching it onscreen. Now this does not mean that it will be like what Is currently portrayed onscreen in media/tv/movies. This will actually be REAL!

No more sitting at home alone wondering if your ever going to find someone.

No more uncontrollable desires that are not even practical anyways fucking with your reality.
No more worrying if your partner is going to cheat on you, because obviously effective communication and understanding within relationships is important and thus LIES and DECEPTION which at this stage is accepted simply will be corrected in Equal Money Capitalism because obviously the point is to assist one to live to their Optimum potential, thus obviously lies and deception is not part of this Equation and so one will be trained from birth how to LIVE Self Integrity and also a point that I have not emphasized enough here but which I will do now is the point of actually understanding ourselves. Actually understanding our thoughts, how we create our thoughts, how we create our feelings and emotions, no roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. The point in Equal Money Capitalism is to really practically assist ourselves to develop self awareness and also Stable effective Relationships on an individual level and also on the whole. It will be interesting to see what we as individuals as well as a group are really capable of in our lifetimes when we are not spending most of that chasing our prospective partners.

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