Effective Love Life in Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 247 (Part 1-2)

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In this blog I am going to explore the influence of how media, movies and television affect our personal relationships, starting here with looking at the role media, movies and tv has played in shaping our current idea of what a relationship with another person is supposed to be like. Within this I will take a look at the current state of this point and how this will change within an Equal Money Capitalism and the rewards that will flow from this.


The current problem in the world is that we are being spoon-fed through television, movies and media an “ideal” take on relationships/love/sexthat is more and more being removed from actual physical reality in terms of what it actually take to establish an effective relationship/partnership/agreement with another human being. So the problem is that we are out of control, we are on a rocketship to delusion as Hollywood move after Hollywood movie and tv series after tv series impulse us with what we have come to accept and believe is “how relationships work” which in the end is simply Keying into those aspects of relationships that are actually the reason why we either end up miserable in a relationship or miserable without one.

One of the interesting points that I have observed about movies/media/tv is that allot of the focus of relationships on screen is related to one’s physical appearance and attractiveness. Another point is the “feeling” of being in love. This seems to be the Ultimate hook, that “feeling of love” or finding “the one” all based on some experience or feeling you get when you see your apparent soul mate. However what is not being explained is what is actually happening inside you when you “fall in love” On TV Love is portrayed as some majestic feeling that just somehow come over you and there is no education aligning individuals awareness of how they are actually creating the experiences they feel, this point is ultimately missed. I Mean we spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars programming ourselves with delusions. Imagine if we re-allocated that money to actually educate ourselves on the realities of being in a relationship and understanding the practical considerations. Love in movies is portrayed as a ‘special’, ‘unique’ feeling and thus promoted and unanimously accepted as that which one should use as ones guide in selecting/finding a partner. This is a problem as we have now all but completed our own programming of ourselves into individuals incapable of forming meaningful relationships with one another, and not only this but have also never considered the point of First Establishing an effective relationship with ourselves so that we are not entering into relationships from the starting point of trying to fulfill ourselves and get away from our own experience of emptiness and loneliness. This I have never seen in media/movies/tv, a storyline of how an individual develop an effective relationship with themselves. So this is quite a problem…Would we dare trading in our beloved Hollywood for a more “down to earth” actual supportive media stream? I mean the actual question is would you rather live out your “perfect relationship” in your own mind with a fictitious character from a movie, or actually learn how to develop you “perfect relationship” in real life, not only with your “Life Partner” but also in general with all human beings.

In my next blog I will continue with having a look at how the Solution to this point will be corrected with Equal Money Capitalism, along with exploring the the Rewards we will reap from such a correction/implementation.

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