Putting Things Off – An Artists Journey To Life – Day 243


Busy Mind = Lazy Body

This is the Self Commitments/Self Corrections on the Self Forgiveness done in the following blog – I Just Don’t Have it in Me – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 242

When and as I see myself participating within the back-chat statement “I don’t have it in me” I stop and I breathe. I realize that when and as I participate with the back-chat statement “I don’t have it in me” I am dis-empowering myself through accepting and allowing myself to align my attention to my back-chat that exist as a justification and excuse to not change me or direct me within that which is best for all, instead of aligning myself as my attention to Practical Application and not allowing myself to give up on my practical implementations of my self corrections in correcting my Living Patterns so that they stand one and equal with what is best for all, and so I commit myself to when and as I see the back-chat statement, ‘I just don’t have it in me” coming up within me, to not give my attention to this back-chat but rather to instead align me with Practical Self Correction in every moment where in when I Stick to and APPLY myself Practically within my reality, the change will eventually come through, and that Change is a Daily Living Application that yes, does take time to accumulate, and so that thus to ensure that the Change does eventually come through, I commit myself to STICKING with my my Practical Applications I make to myself as Self Commitments, and to LIVE these daily, one day at a time. And I commit myself Place my ATTENTION on my Physical Expression and Application as the guideline for me to Live my corrections practically, so to thus ensure that my Corrections and Commitments are something that I APPLY and LIVE Everyday.

When and as I see myself trying to avoid my responsibilities where I will be trying to suppress my own awareness of the fact that I know I have points that I require to direct that I have been avoiding or putting off, I stop and I breathe. I realize that avoiding my responsibilities is not Self Supportive, and/or is best for all. I realize that at times in my life I let my responsibilities “get away from me” where I will accept and allow myself to put one off, and then another, until bit by bit I end up accumulating what seems like an entire heap of points that I did not give direction to in a moment, but rather accepted and allowed myself to look for a way to postpone them or put them off until later. I see that I must rather align myself to Directing My Responsibilities directly or within a practical specific adhered to time-frame, and not allow myself to keep “pushing things back” I see here that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate within the application of “pushing things back” instead of giving them immediate direction. When I do this I find I become, anxious, and frustrated, and even angry, due to me not directing myself effectively within my utmost potential. I also see how I will get in the routine/pattern of pushing things back, and in doing this I am required to then try and distract myself from the fact that I know within me that I have all these points which I require to direct that I have accepted and allowed myself to put-off. I see that this creates anxiety within me, and also cultivate the conditions within me for me to want to try and “escape from this experience” where for instance I will then accept and allow my victimization character and thus the back-chat “I just don’t have it in” which come up in relation to specific corrections I am busy walking, where within this the purpose of the back-chat is to create an event or scenario where I can just give up on all my responsibilities, the responsibilities that have been piling up due to me “putting them off” or “pushing them back” instead of Directing them Daily. So I commit myself to Align myself with the Practical Physical Daily Application of my Responsibilities where I walk my necessary Responsibilities daily, and do not “put them off” as I see doing this, actually create anxiety within me in relation to all the points I have not directed that I am now building up within me, and so thus I see a practical correction here in relation to the back-chat statement “I don’t have it in me” is to when I see this back-chat statement coming up within me in relation “All the responsibilities” I have I stop and I breathe and I Direct me to take care of the responsibilities that I have left lingering, and so thus the point is to not Give In and Give up because apparently “I don’t have it in me” that is NOT all solution, because thus I still have the responsibilities that I inevitably will have to direct, and so when and as I see this statement of and as “I don’t have it in” in relation to standing within walking my responsibilities, and corrections, come up within me, I look at what points of responsibility that I have been putting off, even it is just small things, like, making my bed or doing the dishes, or answering an e-mail, and I thus Direct myself to start practically applying myself and thus giving practical direction to my practical responsibilities, both big and small that I am responsible for and also that I have noticed/realized that I had been putting off. And so within this assisting and supporting myself to align myself to with practical self direction and not back-chat/internal conversations as my point of self-attention and that which I LIVE.


I will continue with the Self Corrections in relation to this back-chat point in my next blog.


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