Bringing My Attention HERE – An Artists Journey To Life – Day 238


Earth Yourself

Here is a Continuation of the Self Commitment Statements for the Self Forgiveness Walked  in Day 235

When and as I see myself participating with the back-chat statement “I am to tired” where I use this statement as an excuse to attempt to “get out of” doing something that “I don’t want” to do, I stop and I breathe. I realize that what I am doing is in fact arguing for my own limitation. What I am in fact doing is perpetuating my own self abuse, because Self Interest is always Self Abuse. And I see that when I accept and allow myself to manipulate myself with the back-chat statement “I am to tired” where then my behavior starts to align with this such back-chat, I see that I am not doing what is best for me, even though within myself I have created my own awareness so that I believe that I am doing what I ‘want’ and not realize that I am limiting myself within accepting and allowing myself to align me with such a statement, and thus harming myself and not Aligning and Directing me in a way that will actually be beneficial for me as a Life Form. And so I commit myself to doing what is in fact supportive for me as a life, form which is to Stop my Back-Chat, and thus Stop Aligning myself with/participating with my back-chat where I have accepted and allowed myself to Live and Do what my back-chat as the statements that come up inside my mind suddenly that I have come to trust but if I really look at this, these statements just come up seemingly out of nowhere as already constructed/formulated/structured sentences and phrases, and so I commit myself to align myself to Practical Physical Living based on Common Sense within and as the principle of equality and oneness and what is best for all, where I assist and support myself to Live Here in and as the physical in Self Awareness and Self Direction and Self Honesty.

When and as I see myself questioning whether or not I am tired, I stop and I breathe. I see/realize/understand that I have not yet in my life established a relationship/awareness with/of/as my Human Physical Body. I see that I have spent my life living in my mind and my internal holographic reality and in this separated me from my human physical body to the degree where I have very little awareness about my human physical body in fact. I commit myself to assist and support myself DAILY to establish communication with ALL PARTS of my Human Physical body, where within this, I bring my Attention as ME out of my mental reality of and as the mind to HERE as the Physical so that I am actually aware of my Human Physical Body throughout my day, and thus I commit myself to begin this process of establishing communication with my Human Physical Body, and actually developing a relationship of AWARENESS with and as my Human Physical body, so that I KNOW if and when my human physical body is in fact tired and need rest.

When and as I see myself using “tiredness” as an escape, I stop and I breathe, and I bring myself back HERE to the physical. I see that when and as I use tiredness as an escape that I am NOT HERE, and thus in my MIND and thus not HERE developing an effective LIFE PATTERN that is Aligned with equality and oneness and best for all and thus best for me, thus in such moments I commit myself to bring myself back here to the physical and to Self Awareness and look at what I can practically do within my Application that is/would be Aligned with a Practical Physical Self Movement within the context of What is Best for ALL, and to physical move/direct me accordingly.


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