From a Moment to a Mountain – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 170

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I am continuing Here with looking at the final dimension of my postponement character – the   consequence dimension.

Consequence Dimension

The Consequence of allowing postponement is simply that I will never change and/or get anywhere within developing a self intimate relationship with myself and in fact assisting and supporting myself to actually get to know and understand who I really am. I see/understand writing to be “my foundation” It is the initial Physical Process of me taking responsibility for myself. I see that my process of writing is like the foundation for how I will “do everything else” thus I see that it is imperative and something that I want to do for myself which is to establish an absolute effective self supportive process of writing where this pattern that I develop within my writing can than stand as an actual Support for other patterns that I develop later on in terms of me supporting myself within my life and within my process of self realization. So The consequence of existing as my postponement character is that I will simply take longer within my process because I sabotage my “Pattern” through by allowing myself to “not effectively apply myself in writing” on a daily basis, and thus postponing the point of actually effectively developing a pattern within my writing that can actually stand as an effective foundation and “jumping point” to duplicate as a stable pattern within taking my application of self support into other areas of my life. Thus if I never get this point of writing in place, I will never be ready/able to move into/onto another area of my life, and so thus the consequence dimension of postponement is essentially prolonging my process within this particular point instead of getting it done. Another consequence of this is that I will never get to know myself in intimate detail, and just remain on the surface. That is not a relationship that I want to live as I see that as very limited and shallow. I’d like to really get to know me in a self intimate way and get to know the real truth of me, so within this I can actually forgive myself and correct myself into a being that stand as an example of life that is able to be followed/looked at as an example that can be utilized to see how to live effectively.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to waste my life through by accepting and allowing myself to go into my postponement character in so many moments during my day(s) which eventually accumulate moment by moment by moment by moment into a MOUNTAIN as the consequence that is me as who I currently am and my current level of Self Awareness and my total entire inner and outer experience of myself that is a consequence of how I have accepted and allowed myself to apply/create myself, where this mountain that is me has come about seemingly by some force of Magic which was never the case as I had created myself moment by moment by moment from the beginning, me being a DIRECT RESULT of what I have accepted and allowed of and as myself in each moment, and that in so many of those moments I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as my postponement character and thus this have the consequence of who I am now where this “who I am now” is that which does not support life in an effective way that I am capable of doing.


I commit myself to assist and support myself to ensure the Mountain that I create moment by moment by moment that is me, is the Result of Moments of Self Directed Self Support instead of Postponement.
I commit myself to assist and support myself to transform my moments from postponement to self support to ensure a consequence of what is best for all.

I commit myself to establishing a pattern within and as my application of writing, that will stand as a stable foundation for the expansion of myself into other areas/applications within my life. Thus I commit myself to write Daily, and within and as writing Daily, I Ensure that in the moment I write that I steady myself, that I firstly Bring Myself Completely HERE so that I have my FULL ATTENTION on the task at hand of writing. I commit myself to stop postponing my process of Self Realization, the consequence thereof being the accepted and allowed state of frustration, anger, and self doubt, because I have not worked effectively with myself on a daily basis so to expand my Self Awareness and thus becoming more effective at directing myself, as in becoming more Self Aware, I can Direct those aspects of me that before I did not even realize/see as me and thus had running on automatic which means I was not Directing them as parts of me. I see/realize/understand that I determine my process – thus, the length of my process and so I commit myself to Apply myself Effectively within my writings, self forgiveness, self corrective applications, DIP lessons and other process related responsibilities. I commit myself to Walk/Live/Develop Self Discipline within my “process of self support” and Stop Postponing My Self Awareness, and thus assist and support myself DAILY in and as SELF CONSISTENCY and CONSTANCY to Apply myself within Writing and my DAILY Process Responsibilities so to Support me in Moving Myself Effectively within becoming Self Aware. When and as I see Myself wanting to go into my Postponement Character as my application of Postponement, I Stop and I Breathe. I Realize that Postponement leave me “Dead in my tracks”. That Postponement “catches up with me” as it always has an Equal and One Consequence that result and so thus I see/realize/understand that My Moment(s) of Postponement always has a resulting consequence equal and one and so thus I Commit myself to transform such Moments of Postponement into Moments of Self Support where instead of accepting and allowing myself to “do the usual” as stepping into my postponement character, I Direct myself to move myself into and as that which Support me within my process of self support and so Transform my “usual” from Daily Postponement to Daily Self Support, and thus Transform my Consequence from Anger, Frustration, Irritation, regret, to Self Gratefulness and Self Trust


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