“Character” Response Vs Self Directed Response – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 85


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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed Characters to activate immediately as my programmed response to others when I am communicating with them, and that I have not dared to live here within and as breath within and as my directive principle where I no more accept and allow myself to simply react as my pre-programmed response as my Character Response but to rather stand within and as Self Stability Here, not going into to my automated/preprogrammed response but actually looking at the point/what is being said as myself here within and as breath/stability and then Directing myself to respond in a way that does not simply just “accommodate what others are saying” / “support the mind” / “support the pre-programmed dialog of characters” where nothing is really ever said as it is always just Characters, that have been programmed by media / this world / advertising / marketing / mtv, interacting in a way where the Survival of the Character is protected and shielded from any potential friction / conflict /threat/ lessening of itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to postpone stopping my character responses as automated responses that always fit within the context of society and this world, even though I see that when I speak as a character as character response that it is not me from the perspective of the communicating / interacting actually being a point that is directed by me, but that it is always a character just reacting in communication in a programmed way, that I Have allowed to just “go along with it” and “not cause what I have defined as “unnecessary conflict”, where within this I see/realize/understand that I am actually prolonging my accepted self limitation and postponing my directive process of standing up and assisting and supporting myself to become Self Directive.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that I am/was limiting myself by accepting and allowing myself to just exist / participate as “Character Responses” because “it was easier” / “caused less friction in my world” and that I was actually accepting and allowing myself to exist within a form of postponing my Process of taking Self Responsibility for myself within my life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within accepting and allowing myself to participate / exist as pre-programmed character responses that I am/was prolonging my accepted and allowed self limitation of myself instead of within asserting myself as no more reacting in a pre-programmed character way in conversations/communication with others  but instead Remaining here in and as breath not participating with that “compelling feeling” to “respond as expected” but instead transform my communication to be actually Self Directed where I do not let a fear direct me in my communication but that I direct me and within Asserting myself within this point develop more stability within my process of “taking back my power as self directive principle” because in this scenario I am in fact “taking back my power” from the “Mind Characters” that I abdicated it to just literally “do the talking for me” and thus to within situations assist and support myself to Stand within my Application of Remaining Here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within communication/interacting with others accept and allow myself to “go into programmed character responses” abdicating my self directive principle to the mind instead of assisting and supporting myself to always Remain Here as Breath in and as Self Direction, and so to thus within Asserting myself within stopping my pre-programmed character responses to others within communication/conversation I am taking one more point in my world where I am assisting and supporting myself to remain here in and as breath as the Self Directive Principle of me slowly but surely , step by step bringing myself here in Every Moment and Every Aspect of my world, no more accepting and allowing “Characters to Activate and take over my self directive principle” in any moment and in particular here within moments of communication and conversation with others, which I have been accepting and allowing and thus denying myself to opportunity to stand as directive principle of myself in every moment.

I commit myself to Assert myself as Self Directed Communication to when I find myself facing communication with others , remain here as breath ensuring that I do not activate some “Charactered Response” as the nature of Self Limitation, but to push /assert myself to Respond as Me here as breath within Self Directing, not “responding in fear” as a Character in the “expected” or programmed way, but to push/assert ME as breath within communication where I even do not have to say anything, and to within this remain here as I see that only characters exist in fear, and in fact there is nothing to fear, as I no longer accept and allow myself to exist as a Character fighting for its life and thus existing in fear. The point is to end my Character(s) existence and to Assert Myself to Live Here as breath one and equal to and as the physical.

I commit myself to working with this point of Now Asserting Myself as “Self Directed Communication” instead of “Pre-Programmed Character Responses” to within this transform Myself within this aspect of my life as communication/conversation with others as I see/realize how I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate Myself as My Self Directive Principle quite extensively and consistently within this point, where initially I told myself it was ok and it was necessary for me to do this but now I see that the point is Here for me to begin Asserting Myself to no more accept and allow myself to limit myself in this way but to Move Myself as Self Stability  and Self Presence into this aspect of my world and to thus eventually stand as absolute stability in all moments of my life where nothing moves me, where I do not move myself into a character accepting a character as me and thus participating within and as this character, but to rather remain here in and as breathing moving myself within SELF Direction within the context of developing/assisting and supporting the bringing forth of a world/human that is best for all, and thus this begins with me stopping my accepted and allowed Support of Character Talk as the pre-programmed automated responses as communication of characters always done in fear /self interest.

I commit myself to identify the primary Characters that “take me into” Charactered Responses, and to within this investigate how and why I have accepted and allowed myself to “enter into a character” in certain situations moments, and investigating the nature of those moments with regards to what is the point that moved me into the character as fleeing from here and just falling back on my Pre-Programmed Charactered response because I was to afraid to Stand/remain here in breath and not respond in the expected character way.


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